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Protect Both Your And The Interests Of Your Child

Your child is in maximum emotional turmoil and pain during a divorce. Separated parents need to take responsibility of their young child's future, education, and financial requirements. Our legal team at Luce Law Firm of Arlington, Texas will work closely with all the parties involved to come to an amicable agreement which will protect the interests of the child. Texas has certain basic guidelines for child support, we're here to help you.

Don't let divorce proceedings hamper your spirit of co-parenting. In addition to child support, other financial needs will arise. Let us help you understand all options. Trust our legal team to assist you with your concerns and help you and your kids.

Your Child Is Your Priority

Our legal team is board-certified and experienced in family law. We understand that child support laws can help you determine the amount you should pay or receive. We will guide you through the legal maze so your case is resolved fairly and accordingly.

Honest And Reliable Legal Representation

Get top-Board Certified representation to help you in child support matters.

Count on our 38 years of rich and extensive legal experience.