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Attorneys at Luce Law Firm of Arlington, Texas are board-certified and carry an extensive experience of 38 years. We are here to protect and fight for your rights. Trust our dependable legal solutions to resolve your civil trial issues. Call 817-329-9999 to talk to your attorney now!

Trust A Board-Certified Civil Trial Lawyer

A legal dispute can cause damage to your business, profession, and personal life. Allow us to efficiently represent you so that you're protected and the best result achieved. Luce Law Firm will help with cases that include breach of contract, business torts, personal injury, construction litigation, warranties, deceptive trade practices, insurance bad faith, extraordinary remedies or claims for relief, and alternative dispute resolution.

Resolve Your Civil Trial Law Disputes

Civil litigation as a Plaintiff or Defendant will hamper your peace of mind and affect your professional life. Allow our trained attorneys to give you personalized attention and deliver exceptional legal strategies for positive outcomes. Count on our arbitration, mediation, and, when necessary, our litigation skills to help you maximize your resources and the outcome.

Allow Us To Help With Your Civil Litigation

Allow the only dual board-certified lawyer (civil and family law) in the Southlake region to assist you with your civil disputes.

Count on our timely legal advice to resolve your

civil litigation quickly.


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