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Safeguard And Protect Your Valuable Assets

If you have a high net worth, this means that you deserve and need quality representation to evaluate and divide assets in a divorce. It's important for you to protect your accumulated assets. We have financial experts to assist us and you. Allow us to help you ensure the best and most equitable split of your assets.

Lawyers at Luce Law Firm of Arlington, Texas carry over 38 years of legal experience. As a leading law firm, we understand the financial aspects of a high-profile divorce. Whether it's property division, spousal support, property retention, reimbursement to estates, valuation and characterization of business entities, or disproportionate division of property. We will evaluate all aspects to help you.

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Divorce cases involving high-profile individuals can be complicated and require relentless but compassionate representation. Luce Law Firm has built a solid reputation over the years and has successfully represented many clients. Trust our respected legal experience to help you.

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Complex Cases deserve Board Certified Lawyers.

Entrust your case to an experienced and peer-reviewed legal team.