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Maximize Your Possession and Access

A parent not being granted primary custody of a child is awarded visitation rights. At Luce Law Firm of Arlington, Texas, our attorneys will help you understand the Standard Possession Order and your options to make it even better.

Parents always have the fundamental right to make decisions on behalf of their children. Child custody rights and duties can become complicated. Luce Law Firm can help you have a say in child rearing, education, and medical needs. Allow our top-notch legal team to help you.

Understand Your Parental Rights and Duties

Our legal team carries over 38 years of experience in handling all family cases, divorce, visitation, and child custody disputes. Get personalized counseling to help you make the right decisions with your visitation rights. Contact a board-certified family lawyer at 817-329-9999.

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Don't let your divorce impact your child's upbringing and future.

Allow our attorneys to help you arrange visitation rights with your child.


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